How to Protect your Green Card

Obtaining legal permanent residency or a green card in America is part of the dream for so many immigrants who come to the United Status. It offers the ability to work legally in the United States without having to constantly apply and pay for new visas. It also gives immigrants the flexibility to be able to return to their native countries to see relatives and loved ones. Getting a green card is often the result of many years of sweat, tears and substantial legal fees. However, obtaining permanent residency does not mean you are completely out of the woods. The Department of Homeland Security can revoke permanent residency under certain circumstances. Read more

Obama Administration Announces Deferred Action Program for Youth

On June 15, 2012, the Obama Administration announced that it will offer deferred action to undocumented youth in the United States. This deferred action, an exercise of prosecutorial discretion, recognizes that there are millions of young immigrants living the United States who came to the country through no fault of their own. Under current immigration policy, they have no means of becoming legal immigrants.
For most of these youth, going back to their native countries is not an option. America is all that they know, yet they feel trapped by their immigration status. This new prosecutorial discretion allows these youth to essentially come out of hiding and become productive members of society by allowing them to apply for employment authorization documents. Read more

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